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Surface Water Quality Monitoring

The Surface Water Quality Monitoring (SWQM) Program monitors and evaluates physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of aquatic systems as a basis for effective policy.

People sitting on bank of river sorting through benthic samples.The SWQM program coordinates the collection of physical, chemical, and biological samples from more than 1,800 surface water sites statewide. This data may be used by TCEQ to:

  • characterize existing conditions or identify emerging problems,
  • evaluate the effectiveness of water quality control programs, or
  • identify trends

These data may also be used to determine compliance with the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards through the Texas Integrated Report.

SWQM data and assessment results provide a basis for effective policies that promote the protection, restoration, and wise use of surface water in Texas. For more information regarding how the TCEQ plans and implements monitoring, please see the Texas Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Strategy FY 2012-2017 .