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Coordinated Monitoring of Surface Water Quality

Latest available schedules, instructions, and strategy, for coordinated monitoring of surface water quality in Texas.

The coordination of monitoring resources throughout the State increases the efficiency of surface water data collection and analysis by the SWQM Program and participating programs—the Clean Rivers Program, state and federal agencies, municipalities, and others. Coordinated statewide monitoring reduces the duplication of effort and improves spatial coverage of monitoring sites and consistency of parametric coverage.

Several tools are provided below to assist you with planning and scheduling monitoring activities within the network.

All documents below are PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document unless otherwise noted.

Resources for Coordinated Monitoring

Planning and development of the coordinated monitoring schedule (CMS) takes place in January through May of the preceding fiscal year. The schedule is continually updated during the annual planning process with a final version available on September 1 of each
fiscal year (FY = Sept. 1 thru Aug. 31).

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