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Quality Assurance and Monitoring Procedures for Surface Water Quality Monitoring

TCEQ prepares and maintains documents that guide the collection and management of surface water quality data in Texas.

Quality Assurance Documents

Surface water quality projects involving the generation, acquisition, and use of environmental data are planned through the development of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) or other planning documents. These documents are developed by project managers, quality assurance staff, technical staff, management, and contractors using a systematic planning process.

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SWQM Procedures Manual

Methods for collecting and analyzing biological community and habitat data and physical and chemical monitoring methods for water, sediment, and tissue.


Interim Guidance for Routine Surface Water Quality Monitoring During Extended Drought
To ensure continuity of statewide routine SWQM activities during extended periods of drought, guidance has been developed to assist in fulfilling the monitoring plan outlined in the Coordinated Monitoring Schedule.

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Data Management

  • Managing Surface Water Data
    Guidance, forms, and checklists to assist with the submission of data to the Surface Water Quality Information System (SWQMIS) database.

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