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Forms for Collecting and Managing Surface Water Quality Data

Forms for collecting and managing SWQM data.

Biological Data Collection Forms

The forms below represent the minimum information required to submit data to the TCEQ SWQM Program.

Forms are available in Excel. Please download these documents to your local system to ensure proper display and formatting.

Guidance related to documents in this section is in the Surface Water Quality Monitoring Procedures, Volume 2: Methods for Collecting and Analyzing Biological Assemblage and Habitat Data (RG-416).

Biological Forms Packets

Elements of a Biological Data Summary Packet - Aquatic Life Monitoring and Habitat Assessment Checklist (PDF)

Benthic Macroinvertebrate Forms and Metrics

This packet contains:

  • Sample Tracking Log
  • Lab Bench Sheet
  • Data Reporting Form
  • Rapid Bioassessment Protocol - Metrics and Scoring
  • Surber Samples by Bioregion - Metrics and Scoring

Fish Data Forms and Metrics

This packet contains:

  • Nekton Metadata Reporting Form
  • Nekton Species Seined Data Reporting Form
  • Nekton Species Shocked Data Reporting Form
  • Fish Sample Tracking Log
  • Fish Laboratory Bench Sheet
  • Species Collection Report (for the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife Scientific Collection Permit)
  • Fish Collection Data
  • Fish Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) Worksheets by Ecoregion

Habitat Assessment Forms and Worksheets

This packet contains:

  • Habitat Data Reporting Form
  • Part 1 - Stream Physical Characteristics
  • Part 2 - Summary of Physical Characteristics of Water Body
  • Part 3 - Habitat Quality Index

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Calibration Log Sheet and Flow Measurement Form

Guidance related to documents in this section is in the SWQM Procedures Manual, Volume 1 - Physical and Chemical Monitoring Methods (RG-415) (August 2012). All forms below are in PDF format.

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