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Surface Water Quality Monitoring Annual Workshop

The SWQM Workshop is held annually in the fall and brings together surface water monitoring professionals who provide water quality data to TCEQ. Participants receive training on current sampling procedures, share advances in research and technology, and discuss methods for producing data of known quality and comparability.

Besides getting hands-on training in surface water and biological monitoring protocols, participants can:

  • learn about TCEQ quality assurance measures and program updates
  • interact with other water-quality professionals
  • share information about research, new technologies, and future directions

34th Annual SWQM Workshop—October 28-30, 2020

First Ever Virtual Meeting


All presentations and handouts provided during the 2020 workshop are linked below in PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, in the order they appear on the workshop agenda.

October 29th Presentations
Day in the Life of a SWQMite
—S. Griffith and D. Robinson, TCEQ Region 10, Beaumont
How Clone Can You Go? Clonal Diversity and Seedbank Density in the Seagrass Halodule wrightii
—Dr. P. Larkin, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (TAMUCC)
Nonpoint Source Project Viewer
—T. Cawthon, TCEQ NPS Program
Status of the Tidal IBI Project
—Dr. J. Pollack, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (TAMUCC)
Biological Monitoring (LDS, ALM, Seagrass)
—S. Whitley, SWQM CO, TCEQ
iNaturalist Demonstration
—R. Deans, SWQM CO, TCEQ
SWQMIS Introductory Training: External SWQMIS Users & CRP Staff
Test Loading your Dataset to SWQMIS
—S. Kirkland, Data Management & Analysis, TCEQ
October 30th Presentations
Day in the Life of a CRP Partner
—L. Grijalva, International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC)

Data Management Updates and Announcements
—C. Anderson, Data Management & Analysis, TCEQ

Additional handouts
Introduction to Freshwater Mussels and Taxonomy Updates
—G. Pandolfi and M. Johnson, US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)

Water Quality Sampling 101

Agendas from Previous SWQM Workshops

To request PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document copies of presentations from previous SWQM workshops, please e-mail .

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