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Surface Water Quality Monitoring: Annual Workshop

The annual SWQM Workshop is held in the fall of each year. It brings together surface water monitoring professionals in Texas who provide water quality data to the TCEQ to learn about procedures for assuring the quality and comparability of data, and to share advances in research.

Besides getting hands-on training in surface water and biological monitoring protocols, participants can:

  • learn about TCEQ quality assurance measures and program updates
  • interact with other water-quality professionals
  • share information about research, new technologies, and future directions

32nd Annual SWQM Workshop—November 12-14, 2018 in Hunt, Texas


All presentations given at the 2018 workshop are linked below in PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, in the order they appear on the workshop agenda.

November 13th Presentations
Using Your River's Unique Wonders to Inspire Stewardship in Others
—N. Cowey, LCRA
Making Sense of Algae Sensors
—S. Smith, YSI

November 14th Presentations
Current Research to Assess the Status of American Eel in Gulf Coast Drainages of Texas
—S. Curtis, TPWD
Freshwater Mussel Community Response to a New Industrial Discharge
—A. Whisenant, TPWD
Data Management Update
—C. Anderson, TCEQ
Addressing Flow in the Integrated Report
—A. Sullivan, TCEQ
Biological Sampling, Metrics, TCEQ/TPWD Interagency Biological Monitoring Workgroup Updates
—B. Harrison, L. Pulliam, TCEQ
Procedures Manual Updates
—R. Cypher, TCEQ
National Aquatic Resource Surveys
M. Gordon, University of Houston Clear Lake
Collecting Data Electronically
—D. Knabe, San Antonio River Authority
Flow and Harmful Algal Blooms: Lessons Learned from Golden Algae
—J. Grover, University of Texas at Arlington
Sediment Sampling on the Trinity River: On the Hunt for PCBs, Dioxins, and Furans
—A. Kilpatrick, Trinity River Authority
Hurricane Harvey: Experiences and Recovery
—J. Parish, Lower Neches Valley Authority


Agendas from Previous SWQM Workshops

To request PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document copies of presentations from previous SWQM workshops, please email .

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