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Texas Nonpoint Source Program Annual Reports

Annual reports about the state's progress in meeting the goals outlined in the Texas Nonpoint Source Management Program.

Texas reports annually to its stakeholders, Congress, and the EPA on progress in meeting the goals set out in the Texas Nonpoint Source Management Program. The annual reports are produced jointly by TCEQ and the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation BoardExit the TCEQ.

Annual Reports (in order by year) 

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application/pdf2015Exit the TCEQ application/pdf2014Exit the TCEQ application/pdf2013Exit the TCEQ
application/pdf2012Exit the TCEQ application/pdf2011Exit the TCEQ application/pdf2010Exit the TCEQ
application/pdf2009Exit the TCEQ application/pdf2008Exit the TCEQ application/pdf2007Exit the TCEQ
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application/pdf2003Exit the TCEQapplication/pdfExit the TCEQ application/pdf2002Exit the TCEQ application/pdf2001Exit the TCEQ
application/pdf2000Exit the TCEQ application/pdf1999Exit the TCEQ application/pdf1998Exit the TCEQ
application/pdf1997Exit the TCEQ

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