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News from the Texas TMDL Program

News announcements including proposed plans for public comment, approved plans, conferences, and opportunities to submit proposals for contracts.

The TMDL Program sets targets for improved quality in surface waters. Communities in the watersheds work together to develop implementation plans (I-Plans) to achieve those targets.

See the Calendar for the TMDL Program for scheduled stakeholder meetings.

Austin TMDLs and I-Plan
for Public Comment

The commission requests comments from the public on Austin Watersheds TMDLs and I-Plan. Community stakeholders worked together to create the I-Plan to take care of their streams, and advised the TCEQ on development of the TMDLs. The TCEQ will receive written comments on the documents from July 18 through August 18, 2014, and hear oral comments at a public meeting on August 7, 2014. Get more details on the Austin Area Watersheds project Web page.  

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Working for a Trash-Free Guadalupe River

The Upper Guadalupe River Authority has scheduled its 11th annual River Clean Up for Saturday, July 26, 2014. The Clean Up is part of the GBRA's "Trash Free" initiative, which is just one way the community is working to improve the quality of the Guadalupe River Above Canyon Lake.

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Apply for Grants to Improve Water Quality

The TCEQ is requesting applications for grants to protect or improve water quality by managing nonpoint sources of pollution. Deadline for applications is July 31, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. See our Nonpoint Source Grants Web page for more information about criteria and how to apply.

The Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board is also requesting applications for projects to prevent or abate nonpoint source pollution from agricultural or silvicultural sources. Proposals must be received at the TSSWCB by Friday, August 22, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. See the TSSWCB's website Exit the TCEQ for complete information about how to apply.

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Apply for Grants for Alternative-Fuel and Hybrid Vehicles

Grants are available through the Texas Clean Fleet Program to eligible individuals, businesses, governmental entities, and school districts to replace older diesel vehicles with new alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles. Application deadline is October 3, 2014.  The Clean Fleet Program is part of the Texas Emission Reductions Plan. Learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply on the Clean Fleet Program Web page.

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EPA's Catalog of Federal Funding Updated for 2014

Get the latest information about FY2014 federal funding for programs focusing on watershed protection and restoration. The Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection Exit the TCEQ provides a searchable database of 85 programs that offer grants, loans, or cost charing, with details for each program about eligibility, deadlines, and criteria.

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Upcoming Training and Conferences

Links to the events listed below exit Exit the TCEQ the TCEQ website.

Several opportunities are available this spring and summer for Natural Resource Training and Watershed Planning from Texas A&M University. Some of the topics offered include:

  • Water & Wastewater: Issues, Challanges, Solutions, New Technologies
  • Texas Riparian & Stream Ecosystem Workshop - Arroyo Colorado River
  • Texas Riparian & Stream Ecosystem Workshop - Cedar Bayou Watershed
  • Applied Environmental Statistics
  • Introduction to ArcGIS 10

July 21, 2014, San Antonio, Texas. Getting In Step – Top 10 Outreach Tips that Won't Break the Bank. Register online. Outreach is a powerful tool to get stakeholders involved early in the planning process, promoting behavior change, and enhancing the implementation of your programs. In a world of limited budgets learn practical tips and tools to conduct effective outreach without breaking the bank. For more information or questions, please e-mail  or call her at 979-458-5915.

July 22, 2014, San Antonio, Texas. Stakeholder Facilitation – Working with Stakeholders to Move the Process Forward. Register online; $100 registration fee. Stakeholders form the backbone of effective environmental programs. Learn tips on how to get off on the right foot and keep the energy going throughout your program. Topics to be addressed include: determining who needs to be involved, making meetings count, diffusing conflict, making decisions using a consensus-based approach, and sustaining the stakeholder group.  For more information or questions, please e-mail or call her at 979-458-5915.

July 28 – 30, 2014, TCEQ Austin, Bldg A. ArcHydro: GIS for Water Resources. Register online. This course presents the Arc Hydro data model and tools and shows how to implement them using a series of real-world examples. You will learn the basic principles of the Arc Hydro data model, how to extend it, and how the Arc Hydro tools manage and use the data model. A general GIS or water resource background is required. Familiarity with ArcGIS (ArcMap in particular) is recommended.

August 18-20, 2014, Weslaco, Texas. Low Impact Development workshop presented by Texas A&M University-Kingsville in partnership with the Lower Rio Grande Valley Stormwater Task Force. To obtain a workshop agenda or to register, e-mail

September 16-17, 2014, Austin, Texas. Water Quality-Stormwater Seminar. Register online. Learn about updates to permitting rules and regulations. Topics will include technical aspects of municipal and industrial stormwater as well as sludge permits. For more information call 512-239-3143 or e-mail

January 17 - 21, 2015 Houston, Texas. 2015 International Low Impact Development (LID) Conference. Sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers. This conference provides an international forum for presenting the latest developments, technologies, and case studies related to LID and green infrastructure technology. Experts are invited to submit abstracts for presentations that address the design, performance, and policy aspects of LID and Green Infrastructure use in Texas, and in low relief coastal areas. Deadline for abstracts is June 23, 2014.

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