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Area Source

Small emission sources that are inventoried as a group, such as some commercial, industrial, governmental or institutional sources from a specific area.
Air Quality Planning: Quality Assurance Project Plan
Links to individual QAPPs by state fiscal year.
TexAER (Texas Air Emissions Repository)
Access TexAER to create, export, and print reports on non-point air emissions inventories from on-road mobile, non-road mobile, biogenic, and area sources. TexAER contains historical, current, and projected future case emissions inventory data, as well as control strategy information. You can customize your report to include specific locations, source classification codes (SCCs), time periods, units of measure, and other parameters.
Sources of Air Emissions
Air emissions are emitted from point sources (large stationary such as fossil fuel fired power plants, smelters, industrial boilers, petroleum refineries, and manufacturing facilities) and non-point (area, on-road mobile, non-road mobile, and biogenic) sources. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) maintains an estimate of these emissions.
Area Source Binary Directory
Emission Sources: Graphics
Charts showing sources of emissions in Texas.
CoverSources of Emissions in Texas - Graphical Representation
Charts showing sources of emissions in Texas.