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Point Source Emissions Inventory

Summary data and other information related to the TCEQ's Point Source Emissions Inventory.

The Point Source Emissions Inventory is an annual survey of chemical plants, refineries, electric utility plants and other industrial sites that meet the reporting criteria in the TCEQ emissions inventory rule (30 TAC §101.10Exit the TCEQ ).

This Web page provides point source emissions inventory data along with tools and information of use to companies completing their annual Emissions Inventory questionnaires.

Completing and Submitting a Point Source Emissions Inventory

Many of the documents linked from this page are in Portable Document Format (PDF) or in Excel (xls) format, among others. (Help with PDF.)

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2019 Houston-Galveston-Brazoria, Dallas Fort-Worth, and Bexar County Point Source EI Revisions Due July 9, 2021

Important Documents and Information Related to the Point Source Emissions Inventory

Sample Calculation Templates for Common Sources

Other Documents

Point Source Emissions Inventory Trends

The table below provides point source emissions data for the last five completed calendar years, including information on routine industrial emissions in tons per year (tpy) for the sources that met the reporting requirements of Rule 101.10 and submitted an emissions inventory for that year. It lists the following pollutants: volatile organic compounds (VOC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and particulate matter less than ten microns in diameter (PM10). Note that Inventory Trends are rounded to the nearest thousand.

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
VOC 100,000 98,000 90,000 89,000 90,000 89,000
NOX 285,000 259,000 251,000 250,000 249,000 240,000
SO2 422,000 335,000 319,000 353,000 283,000 215,000
CO 296,000 251,000 270,000 288,000 247,000 223,000
PM10 48,000 46,000 44,000 46,000 41,000 41,000
PM2.5 34,000 33,000 32,000 33,000 30,000 30,000
Total (does not include PM2.5 to avoid double counting particulate matter) 1,151,000 989,000 974,000 1,026,000 910,000 808,000

Point Source Emissions Inventory Email and Text Updates

Get email or text updates and announcements for completing a point source emissions inventory. Visit our subscription pageExit the TCEQ and choose “Point Source Emissions Inventory” under the “Air Quality” heading. Don’t worry, you can unsubscribeExit the TCEQ at any time.

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Detailed Data from the Point Source Emissions Inventory

Point source emissions inventory data is stored in our State of Texas Air Reporting System (STARS). Only those sites whose emission rates exceed the reporting applicability levels found in( 30 Texas Administrative Code 101.10Exit the TCEQ ) are tracked. Currently, there are approximately 2,000 industrial sites updating emissions annually.

Site level summary emissions data is available in MS Excel format for inventory years 2014 through 2019: Download the file 2014-2019statesum.xlsx (1325K). The emissions are represented in tons per year during routine operations.

To obtain site specific emissions inventory reports such as: 1) Path List 2) Contaminant Summary Report 3) Emissions Inventory Questionnaire 4) Actual History Report and 5) Air Emission Inventory, follow the instructions listed under the Emissions Inventory Reports.

Customize data extracts are available and may require a fee. To request customize data extracts, complete the Emissions Data Request Form (PDF) and email to:, to the attention of the relevant staffer.

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Tools for Completing the Point Source Emissions Inventory Questionnaires

The following information is for the benefit of those companies submitting an annual emissions inventory report under 30 TAC §101.10Exit the TCEQ .

Help with completing the inventory may also be obtained by calling 512/239-1773 during regular business hours.

Point Source Emissions Inventory Tools

Form/File Description Sample Form/Instructions
General Account Information Form This form, for new accounts only, allows a company to provide such general information as company name, TCEQ air account number, and site location and operating schedule information.
TCEQ-10447 (10/01/2008)
Account Information Sample Form and Instructions
Contact Information Form This form allows a company to provide or change information about the company contact person(s) for the account.
TCEQ-20034 (11/10/2011)
Contact Information Sample Form and Instructions
Path Deactivation Form Use the Path Deactivation Request form to unlink an active FIN from the EPN.
TCEQ-20737 (10/23/2015)
Path Deactivation Sample Form and Instructions
Structural Overview Form This form, which is used to list all paths in an account, should be filled out for all new accounts and for existing accounts adding or changing structure.
TCEQ-20035 (10/01/2008)
Structural Overview Sample Form and Instructions
Facility Forms:
One of these forms must be completed for each Facility Identificaiton Number (FIN) added to an account.
TCEQ-20036a,b,e,f,g,k,l (10/01/2008) TCEQ-20036c,d,i,j(11/10/2011)
All Facility Sample Forms and Instructions
Name Revision Request This form should be used to summarize changes in FINs, Control device Identification Numbers (CINs) and/or Emission Point Numbers (EPNs.)
TCEQ-20041f (10/01/2008)
FIN, CIN, EPN Revision Request Forms and Instructions
Abatement Device Information This form may be used to add an abatement device to an account.
TCEQ-20037 (11/10/2011)
Abatement Device Sample Form and Instructions
Emission Point Forms:
One of these forms should be completed for each EPN added to an account.
TCEQ-20038 b, c (11/10/2011)
TCEQ-20038a (10/02/2012)
All Emission Point Sample Forms and Instructions
Emissions Factors for Equipment Leak Fugitive Components
Addendum to RG 360-A (January 2008)
New Path Emissions This form should be used to create each new path (formerly "link") in an account and to report the emissions associated with that path.
TCEQ-20039 (11/10/2011)
New Path Emissions Sample Form and Instructions
Account Emissions This form, for new accounts only, allows a company to report total account emissions for the year.
TCEQ-20040 (11/16/2012)
Total Account Emissions Sample Form and Instructions
Material Throughput Forms:
These forms may be used to report material usage for combustion units; storage and loading facilities; wastewater facilities; printing, painting, and degreasing facilities; and feed and production operations.
TCEQ-20041 a, b, c, d, e, g (10/01/2008)
All Material Throughput Forms and Instructions
Fugitive Data This form provides component count and other data for fugitive area FINS.
TCEQ-20417 (12/14/2008)
Fugitive Data Sample Form and Instructions
Sample Letter (Insignificant Change) to TCEQ A sample letter that a company might submit to the Emissions Assessment Section (EAS) if account-wide emissions of all of the following contaminants changed by less than five percent or five tons: VOC, NOX, CO, SO2, Pb, PM10, and PM2.5.
Sample Letter
(Rule Inapplicable or Mail List Removal)
A sample letter that a company might submit to the EAS if its account does not meet the applicability requirements of 30 TAC 101.10 and the company wishes to remain on the EAS annual mailing list, or does not meet the applicability requirements of 30 TAC 101.10 and the company would like to be removed from the EAS annual mailing list.
Contaminants (xlsx) A list of contaminant (pollutant) names and codes used in the emissions inventory.