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Local Government Assistance

Compliance resources for local governments in Texas.





  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
    • Topics–This Web page provides information on MSW management, public participation, and requirements for obtaining authorization to process or dispose of waste.
    • Resources–The Web page provides information on resources for local governments to manage municipal solid waste issues, including illegal dumping and littering

Compliance Resources


    • Rules and Rulemaking–View and download current TCEQ rules, find out about rulemaking projects, and read agreements the TCEQ has with other state agencies.
    • Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)–Find information on this Web page about environmentally beneficial projects that a respondent agrees to undertake as part of an agency-initiated enforcement action.
    • Environmental Crime–These resources provide training to local, state, and federal law enforcement officers on criminal environmental violations.
    • Landscape Irrigation–Landscape irrigators can locate licensing requirements and regulations on this website.
    • Occupational Licensing-Learn about the requirements for various occupational licenses issued by the TCEQ.
    • Flood - After the Flood: Is your Water Safe?
    • Dam Safety Program–The TCEQ’s Dam Safety Program monitors and regulates both private and public dams in the state.