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The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Background, guidance and instructions for Community public water systems to prepare a Consumer Confidence Report.

What Every Community Public Water System Must Know

Information for Consumer Confidence Report Covering 2013
Information for you to prepare your 2013 CCR, due July 1, 2014

EPA Safe Drinking Water Act - Consumer Confidence Report Delivery Options

Effective January 2013 TCEQ will be allowing water system to electronically direct deliver their CCR per EPA guidance. Over the past few years, a number of community water systems, technical assistance providers and primacy agencies have inquired as to whether the CCR Rule allows electronic delivery of the CCR to each customer. EPA evaluated several electronic delivery methods to determine which forms meet existing CCR Rule requirements as a part of the CCR Rule Retrospective Review. This EPA interpretive memorandum SDWA – Consumer Confidence Report Rule Delivery Options, dated January 2013, clarifies the requirements of the CCR Rule associated with the delivery of the CCR. You can also find a copy of this memorandum on the EPA Website at:

Distributing Your Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
Guidance to help you distribute your annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), tailored to the size of your public water system.

Certification of Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
Instructions to certify delivery of your Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

Certificates of Delivery of the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
Forms for your water system to certify to the TCEQ that you have met the requirements for the content and delivery of the CCR.

Background Information

About Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs)
Information about the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), which community public water systems use to report drinking water quality.

Related Information

Guidance from the EPA on Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
EPA web pages about preparing and understanding the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

Drinking Water Watch - Database viewer of all contacts and sample related data for public water systems.


Topics Under this Category

CCR Information for Wholesale and Providing Water Systems
Consumer Confidence Report requirements for wholesale and providing water systems.
Certification of Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
Instructions and forms to certify delivery of your CCR.
Consumer Confidence Report (CCR): Definitions
Explanation of terms and acronyms used in Consumer Confidence Reports.
Consumer Confidence Report (CCRs): Customer-Service Guidelines for Community Water Systems
These suggestions are intended to help employees effectively answer questions from their customers.
Guidance from the EPA on Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs)
Link to EPA Web page with useful information about consumer confidence reports.