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Find out about our exceptions review process and our policy on pilot studies. Many staff guidances documents are undergoing review and possible revision to meet current rules and regulations and agency standards to include standard operating procedures. For questions or comments, please contact the Public Drinking Water Section by phone at (512) 239-4691 or by e-mail at with the subject line: "Staff Guidance Review."

See our Exceptions Review Process for information on how to request an exception and for updated staff guidances to help with your exception request.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Treatment for Secondary Contaminants in Brackish Groundwater at a Public Water System (PWS)
This staff guidance allows the use of computer modeling in lieu of on-site pilot studies for RO filtration treatment for secondary contaminants from a groundwater source.

Exception Criteria for Pressure Maintenance Facilities: Industrial Applications
This document provides guidance on exception requests to the minimum capacity requirements for pressure maintenance facilities. It is applicable to systems classified as non-transient, non-community systems which provide groundwater, surface water, or groundwater under the influence of surface water.