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Technical Guidance for Public Water System Operators and Engineers

This guidance provides information on technical issues including information on how to submit plans and request an exception to design or capacity rules for public water system facilities.

Submit Public Water System Plans for Review
Information about submitting your plans to TCEQ to be reviewed before construction begins, requesting the status of plans currently under review, and determining estimated review timelines.

Requesting an Exception to Rules and Regulations for Public Water Systems
A public water system (PWS) that does not meet a TCEQ design standard may request an exception by proposing another way the PWS can meet the intent of the rules. TCEQ reviews each exception request to ensure that the PWS will continue to deliver safe drinking water to its customers at adequate pressures.

Bottled Water
Information about how to meet requirements to produce bottled water.

After the Flood: Is Your Water Safe to Drink?
After a flood, drinking water sources may be contaminated. Take precautions before you drink the water.

Using Bleach for Disinfecting Drinking Water and Water Wells
Guidance for determining which bleaches may be used for disinfecting water that is to be used for drinking, preparing foods, or other forms of consumption.

Low-Pressure Membrane Treatment Plant Checklist
The checklist and companion documents will help you design, construct, and operate your low-pressure membrane treatment plant in compliance with TCEQ rules and site-specific requirements.

Guidance Documents for Public Water System Operators
External guidance documents for professionals to consult on how TCEQ interprets particular policies.

Operating a Public Water System
Rules, Guidance, and Information about Operating a Public Water System.