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Operating a Public Water System

Rules, Guidance, and Information about Operating a Public Water System

What is a Public Water System?
Find out if you are operating a public water system (PWS) and follow state drinking water regulations.

Rules and Regulations for Public Water Systems
Links to rules for operating a PWS.

Revised Total Coliform Rule
The Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) requires all PWSs to monitor water in the distribution system for the presence of total coliform.

Chemicals in Drinking Water
Information about programs regarding regulated contaminants found in drinking water.

Operating a Surface Water Treatment Plant
Requirements for operating a surface water treatment plant (SWTP) for public water supply, disinfection in a SWTP, and technologies for treating water.

Operating a Groundwater System
Requirements for operating a groundwater (GW) or purchased-water (PW) treatment system for public water supply. Disinfection operations, processes, and monthly operations report (MOR) for GW/PW treatment systems.

Public Water System Monitoring Plans
All PWS are required to create a monitoring plan. Information to help you create a monitoring plan for your own PWS.

Technical Guidance for Public Water System Operators and Engineers
How to submit plans for public water system facilities. How to request an exception to design or capacity rules and guidance documents describing how TCEQ handles technical issues.

Assistance and Tools for Public Water Systems

Drinking Water Watch
Check the information TCEQ has for your PWS including chemical results, bacteriological results, sample schedules, violations, and contact information. This database is free and open to the public.

NEW Courtesy Compliance Reminders for Public Water System Operators
Receive courtesy reminders for important public water system compliance requirements and deadlines by text or email.

Public Water Supply: Compliance Resources
Information, guidance, and forms for PWSs in Texas.

Financial, Managerial and Technical Assistance
TCEQ offers FREE financial, managerial, and technical (FMT) assistance to help public waters comply with regulations. Contact FMT to help with issues such as, but not limited to: prevention of operational problems, deliver training about how to comply with rule requirements, and performing capacity assessments.

Prepare for an Emergency or Natural Disaster

Be prepared before disaster strikes: Join TxWARN now!

Homeland Security for PWS: Disaster and Recovery
Homeland security disaster and recovery information for public water systems.

Preparing Your PWS for a Natural Disaster
Tips to follow before a natural disaster strikes to ensure that your public water system suffers as little interruption of service as possible.

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