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Operating a Public Water System with a Groundwater Well

Information and guidance about operating a groundwater well, compliance assistance, and monitoring and reporting requirements for public water systems that operate wells.

Requirements for Well Construction, Completion, and Operation
Well construction, completion, and operation requirements for a public water system.

Operating a Public Water System
Rules, guidance, and information about operating a public water system.

Groundwater Rule (GWR)
The Groundwater Rule provides protection from disease-causing microorganisms that may be found in groundwater.

Disinfectant Residual Reporting for Public Water Systems
Guidance and forms, including the Disinfectant Level Quarterly Operating Report (DLQOR), for public water systems to monitor and report disinfectant residuals collected in the distribution system. 

Guidance Documents for Public Water System Operators
External guidance for professionals about how TCEQ interprets particular policies.

Concentration-Time (CT) Study for Water Treatment Plants
A Concentration-Time (CT) study is a formal determination of the disinfectant concentrations and the effective contact time provided by a given treatment plant.

Using Bleach for Disinfecting Drinking Water and Water Wells
Guidance for determining which bleach may be used for disinfecting water to be used for drinking, preparing foods, or other forms of consumption.

Assistance and Tools for Public Water Systems

Drinking Water Watch
Check the information TCEQ has for your PWS including chemical results, bacteriological results, sample schedules, violations, and contact information. This database is free and open to the public.

Free Financial, Managerial, and Technical Assistance
TCEQ offers FREE financial, managerial, and technical (FMT) assistance to help public waters comply with regulations. Contact FMT to help with issues such as, but not limited to: prevention of operational problems, deliver training about how to comply with rule requirements, and performing capacity assessments.