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Free Financial, Managerial, and Technical Assistance for Public Water and Wastewater Systems

Through a contract with skilled professionals, we offer free financial, managerial, and technical (FMT) assistance to help public water and wastewater systems comply with regulations. We can help you prevent and address financial, managerial, and technical operational problems; and perform consolidation and capacity assessments and technical training.

Why is the TCEQ offering free help?

It is important for your public water and wastewater systems to remain financially, managerially, and technically sound so that you can provide clean and safe drinking water and wastewater services.

Our professional contractors can provide help tailored to your specific needs. Without this help, your water or wastewater system might fall out of compliance with regulations that protect human health and the environment.

On-site Assistance

We can provide free, one-on-one, on-site support and education on a wide variety of topics to improve your public drinking water and wastewater systems. If your system is experiencing operational difficulties, this could help you avoid regulatory compliance violations. You may request assistance for any number of the tasks you need to accomplish.

The TCEQ can help your system with these tasks. Assignment Task List Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

Submit the On-site Assistance Form (TCEQ-20167C) Microsoft Word Document to request help with these tasks. 

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Capacity Assessment

This assessment, required if you’re applying for certain types of funding from the Texas Water Development Board, outlines your system’s strengths and identifies areas in need of improvement.

Our contractor will meet with your system’s staff to evaluate the financial, managerial, and technical capabilities of your system. Free on-site assistance is offered following this assessment to help your system meet or maintain regulatory compliance. For help, please submit the Capacity Assessment Form (TCEQ-20167A) Microsoft Word Document or contact us.

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Consolidation Assessment

If your system is struggling, the TCEQ can help you consider if consolidation with a neighboring system could solve long-running problems. We offer this assessment for officials or owners of systems who are considering consolidating as a way to get out of the water or wastewater business.

We can assign a contractor to look at the feasibility of two or more systems working together, possibly to the point of a merger. If we determine that consolidation is feasible and recommended, the Public Utility Commission (PUC) can assist you and the other parties throughout the process to completion.

Submit the Consolidation Assessment Form (TCEQ-20167B) Microsoft Word Document if you’re considering consolidation. 

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Technical Training Workshops

Take advantage of free, hands-on training for your water system’s staff. TCEQ contractors deliver these workshops covering a variety of technical topics. Student materials for these technical training workshops are posted below, but we encourage all interested public water system staff to contact us for on-site, instructor-led training.

Workshops for All Public Water Systems

Workshops for Surface Water Treatment Plants

Submit the Drinking Water Operator Training Form (TCEQ-20167D) Microsoft Word Document to register for a workshop. 

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Funding Help

We can help you locate and apply for funding. For one-on-one help, please submit the On-site Assistance Form (TCEQ-20167C) Microsoft Word Document.

Additional Funding Resources

How to Request Assistance or Contact Us

If you operate a water or wastewater system and would like to arrange for financial, managerial, or technical assistance, please fill out and submit by e-mail any of the above forms for the type of assistance you need. If you have any questions, please contact our staff:

Phone: (512) 239-4691


Get Help from the Public Utility Commission

Additional financial and managerial assistance is available to water and wastewater utilities through the Public Utility Commission. Please visit the PUC websiteExit the TCEQ , call (512) 936-7405, or email .

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