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Bottled Water

In order to produce bottled water in Texas, the system must meet PWS requirements; this gives information about those rules.

To produce and distribute bottled drinking water in Texas, systems must follow both TCEQ and DSHS (Department of State Health Services) rules.

TCEQ Rules

A bottler or distributer of drinking water must receive approval for the source of water and treatment facilities from TCEQ. Groundwater must be chlorinated, and the chlorination facilities approved. Facilities designed to treat surface water or groundwater under the direct influence of surface water must meet the TCEQ’s design rules. To learn more about source approval, read the rule in Title 25 Texas Administrative Code 229.87

DSHS Rules

A bottler or distributor of drinking water must submit routine, monthly coliform samples to the DSHS. If coliform is found in any sample, repeat samples must be collected and analyzed immediately. To learn more about bottled-water regulations, refer to the Texas Department of State Health Services .

FDA Rules

A bottler or distributor of drinking water must the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) rules for labeling bottled water.

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