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Staff Guidance for Public Water System Operators

Staff guidance for professionals about how TCEQ interprets particular policies.

Water Treatment Methods
Guidance on water treatment methods.

Capacity Requirements for Water Transport Facilities
Pass-through capacity requirements for service pumps, and capacity of potable water transfer lines can be found with staff guidance information for requesting exceptions.

Water System Definitions
Clarification of the definition of a public water system.

Treatment and Monitoring of Pathogens at Public Water Systems
Find guidance for surface water and groundwater requirements to treat and monitor pathogens at public water systems.

Request Exceptions to Rules and Regulations for Public Water Systems
Find out about our exceptions review process for public water systems.

Protecting Aerators and Cooling Towers and Requirements for Water Haulers
Guidance about protecting aerators and cooling towers, and guidance for water haulers.

Storage and Pressure Tanks
Checklists on construction of storage and pressure tanks.

Storage Tank Covers
Guidance on concrete/steel storage tank covers.

Monitoring and Reporting for Surface Water Systems
Monitoring and reporting that you must do to confirm that your surface water system is providing safe drinking water.

Operating a Groundwater Treatment Plant
Monitoring and reporting that you must do to operate wells, with guidance on well casing, well siting, and sanitary control easements.

Requirements for Wells
Guidance on well construction, operation, and monitoring.