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Water: What Is My Source?

Presents options for determining whether anyone supplies drinking water to your area and, if so, who. Links to related content.

If you are starting up your business, you may need one or more of the following...

  • Already hooked up? If you already have a connection to a water supplier but don't know the supplier's name, then fill out our form, Who Provides Water or Sewer Service to My Property?, and mail or fax it to us. We'll help you find your service provider.
  • Out on your own? If your property is not in a service area, you might need to set up your own source of water—for example:
    • Drilling a well
    • Installing a surface water treatment plant
    • Purchasing water
    • Hauling water in
    For more information, see Am I Regulated As a Water or Sewer Utility?
  • If you are interested in public water system management or the water utility business, see Am I Regulated As a Water or Sewer Utility? for more information.
  • If you plan to use water from rivers, streams, underflow, creeks, tides, lakes or bay areas, it is considered state water and you might be subject to the TCEQ water right permitting process.
  • Need greater detail? You might want to search the Water Utilities Database for information on public drinking water systems, water and sewer utilities, and water districts in Texas.

Contact us if you have other questions about your source of water.