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NSR Guidance for Painting Operations

Tells how to apply for a flexible or construction permit that covers painting operations.

The following is a list of permit authorizations. The list is arranged in order of the time and effort required to obtain a permit authorization.

  • Permits by Rule (PBRs) for Painting Operations. These links will take you to the specific PBR. Review the general information for qualifying and applying for a PBR. Contact air permitting staff regarding partial permitting policies.

    • Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Section 106.226 - Paints, Varnishes, Ink, and Other Coating Manufacturing
    • Section 106.333 - Water-Based Adhesive Mixers
    • Section 106.431 - Milling and Grinding of Coatings and Molding Compounds
  • Construction Permit Exit the TCEQ - If you cannot qualify for another type of permit authorization, you must apply for a case-by-case construction permit under 30 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 116.

  • Flexible Permit (PDF) - 30 TAC 116, Subchapter G

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