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Air New Source Review Permits

Applying for a permit or claiming a permit by rule for a new or modified source of air emissions.

Air NSR Permits: Index of Common Permitted Facilities

List of facilities typically found at sources that need New Source Review permits. Links to specific facility guidance for the application process.

Air Permits by Rule

State air authorizations for activities that produce more than a de minimis level of emissions but less than other NSR permitting options. Find out whether there is a PBR for you and, if so, how to claim it and comply with it.

Fact Sheets for Air Permits

General guidance meant to address basic questions in air permitting.

Forms for Air New Source Review Permits

Forms and guidance documents for New Source Review permit applications.

Guidance for Air New Source Review Permits

Guidance documents for standard permits, general NSR permits, and individual air permits.

Standard Air Permits

Permits for specific, well-characterized classes of facilities. If a standard permit fits your operations, you may choose this permitting option.

Types of New Source Review Authorizations

Links to every type of New Source Review Permit, and other related topics to types of authorizations.

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