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Air Permits and Registrations

Requirements for New Source Review and Title V permits, and permitting requirements for grandfathered facilities. Pending and current permits.

New Information - Readily Available Permitting

See information on the Readily Available Permit (RAP) program, including the availability of the RAP-Simple Cycle Turbine and RAP-Compressor Station. Check back often for updates.

About the Air Pollutant Watch List

The Air Pollutant Watch List alerts technical personnel to cities and counties within the state that have areas with elevated concentrations of air pollutants.

Air Dispersion Modeling

Data files and information on modeling for those who must have it done as part of their new source review air permit applications.

Air New Source Review Permits

Applying for a permit or claiming a permit by rule for a new or modified source of air emissions.

Air NSR Permits: Index of Common Permitted Facilities

List of facilities typically found at sources that need New Source Review permits. Links to specific facility guidance for the application process.

Air Operating Permits (Title V)

Applying for a permit to operate major industrial and certain other industrial sites.

Air Permits Announcements, Updates, and Advisory Groups

Upcoming events of significance to anyone interested in air permitting programs, from rule changes to advisory group meetings and even changes to Air Permits Division forms.

Air Permits Remote Document Server

New Information The Air Permits Remote Document Server has been retired. The TCEQ Central File Room Online should now be used for all document searches.

Air Permits to Construct: Before You Build

Information about working with the TCEQ before an air permit is issued.

Air Permits to Construct: Issued Permit

Basic information about working with the TCEQ after receiving an air permit.

Authorizations for Bioenergy Facilities

A definition of bioenergy, and the status of authorizations for bioenergy facilities pending action or approved.

Confidential Information in Air Permit Applications

Quotes the Texas Health and Safety Code (relating to confidential information), and describes for the user how to assure confidentiality.

Consultant Resources

Provides a list of consultants who have made it known they are in the business of consulting on TCEQ air permit applications.

Contact Information for Air Permit Applications

List of TCEQ program areas with phone numbers and Web pages.

Current Air Permitting Policy Memos, Guidance Memos, and Implementation Guidance

This page includes links to all memos and implementation guidance regarding policy, procedure, and legislative decisions for all sections of the Air Permits Division.

Delinquent Fees and Penalties Will Affect Processing Your Application

The TCEQ defines delinquent accounts to include those entities or people** who owe at least $25 in delinquent penalties or fees. This threshold is the same amount used by us to place an entity on Warrant Hold with the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

EPA Part 71 Letters to Holders of Federal Operating Permits

These documents were sent by the EPA to holders of TCEQ Title V Federal Operating Permits.

General Operating Permits

Applying for a general permit to cover air issues for an industrial site. General permits have uniform conditions that cover all sites in a defined class.

Greenhouse Gas Permitting

Permitting of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in Texas. Check back often for updates.

Historic Air Permitting Policy and Guidance Memos

This page includes links to all historic memos regarding policy, procedure, and legislative decisions for all sections of the Air Permits Division.

Indexes to Air Permits by Rule

State Air authorizations for activities that produce more than a de minimis level of emissions but less than other NSR permitting options. With these indexes, you can find and properly claim all PBRs that pertain to your operations.

Local Air Pollution Control Programs

List of each local air pollution control program in Texas, with addresses and phone numbers.

Processes Related to Air Permitting

Air dispersion modeling, determining best available control technologies, public notices, and other processes that often are involved in obtaining an air permit.

Public Notice Information for Air Permit Applications

Public Notice information for Air Permit applications, including notice requirements, notice forms, Spanish Notice templates and translation tools.

Response to EPA Objections and Orders on Federal Operating Permits

These Documents were generated in response to EPA's objections and orders on TCEQ's Title V Federal Operating Permits.

Standard Air Permits

Permits for specific, well-characterized classes of facilities. If a standard permit fits your operations, you may choose this permitting option.

Status of Air Permits and Permit Applications

Pending and completed air permits.

Training and Presentation Materials on Air Permitting

On-line training and presentation materials that may be useful for those interested in learning more about air permitting in Texas.

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