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Readily Available Permits: Air New Source Review

An air New Source Review application process that results in more efficient case-by-case permitting.

If your facility meets specific criteria, the TCEQ may be able to streamline your permit application. A Readily Available Permit (RAP) is a New Source Review (NSR) permit for an individual facility type based on emissions calculations, equipment variables, and site-specific parameters.

With those criteria in mind, TCEQ staff has developed a draft permit tailored to these facility types. This draft permit allows you to know what conditions will be included upfront before you submit an application, and for a traditional draft case-by-case permit to be prepared and ready for a consolidated public notice almost immediately upon submittal of the application.

Note: RAPs are case-by-case permits and, as such, are subject to change based on new developments such as best available control technology (BACT), federal requirements, and published emission factors.

In addition, RAPs are subject to the same public notice requirements as all NSR case-by-case permits regarding public comments, meetings, and hearing requests. However, applicants are required to publish a consolidated Notice of Receipt of Application and Intent to Obtain Permit and Notice of Application and Preliminary Determination for RAPs per 30 TAC Chapter 39 Section 39.411 and Section 39.603.

Existing RAPs

To Apply for a Readily Available Permit

  • Review the specific instructions for the RAP type you are requesting for additional instructions.
  • Complete a Core Data Form.
  • Complete the Form PI-1 (TCEQ Form 10252 - General Application Form). Use the instructions on the form, except you only need to include the following:
    • Process Description
      Process Flow Diagram
      Current Area Map
      Plot Plan
  • Complete the applicable RAP spreadsheet.
  • Pay an NSR Permit fee Adobe Acrobat PDF Document and complete a Table 30 (Estimated Capital Cost and Fee Verification) Adobe Acrobat PDF Document.
  • Submit all completed application materials in hard-copy in accordance with the Form PI-1 and RAP Application Instructions. In addition, send all application materials electronically to the Air Permits Initial Review Team at apirt@tceq.texas.gov.

Questions? We Can Help

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