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Readily Available Permit: Simple Cycle Turbine

This New Source Review (NSR) initial permit authorizes operations of an electric utility simple cycle turbine facility.

You may apply for this permit if your facility meets the Readily Available Permit – Simple Cycle Turbine Qualifying Criteria and will comply with the RAP-SCT conditions.

If you cannot meet the qualifying criteria or agree with the conditions, you will receive notice that the application has been voided and you should seek a different type of authorization as appropriate. Refer to Types of Authorization for Turbines.

To Apply for the Readily Available Permit: Simple Cycle Turbine

  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Current Area Map
  • Plot Plan
  • The current version number is 3.3. If this version number does not match the version number listed on the Instructions sheet of the workbook, please clear your browser cache or refresh your screen.
  • Submit a Plain Language Summary for the application in English and, if applicable, the alternative language as required. The Plain Language Summary must be submitted with the application using the following templates and instructions:
  • Submit the completed RAP: SCT workbook electronically through STEERS.
  • Submit all required attachments electronically through STEERS, email, or TCEQ FTPS.
  • Pay the fee via ePay during the STEERS submittal process.

RAP-SCT Resources

  • Air Quality Analysis Reports for Simple Cycle Turbines Memos: The PDF reports below summarize the air quality analyses results for the counties of each of the sixteen TCEQ regions.

Additional Information for Turbines

Questions? We Can Help

If you have questions about Readily Available Permits, please contact us.