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Readily Available Permit: Tanks and Loading Increases

This New Source Review (NSR) amendment action authorizes an increase of throughput for tanks and/or loading at an existing site. The existing equipment must already be authorized by a New Source Review permit.

Sources included in this RAP are storage tanks, loading (drum, tote, truck, and rail), and control devices (flare, vapor combustion unit, and carbon absorption system).

The application workbook contains step-by-step instructions, specific qualifying criteria, and technical information including emission calculations, the Best Available Control Technology, an impacts evaluation, and the draft Special Conditions.

Generalized special conditions for this RAP can be viewed at the following link: TankLoading Generalized Special Conditions. This document shows all possible special conditions for this RAP. Whether a project is subject to a given special condition will be determined in the application workbook, not in this document.

If you cannot meet the qualifying criteria or do not agree with the technical representations in the workbook, you will receive notice that the application has been voided and you should seek a different type of authorization as appropriate. Refer to Types of New Source Review Authorizations.

To Apply for this Readily Available Permit

  • Complete a Core Data Form if needed
  • Complete the RAP: TankLoading Workbook - TCEQ Form 20862 Microsoft Excel Document (Must use Version 3.0)
  • Attach the following application materials:
    • Process Flow Diagram
      Current Area Map
      Plot Plan
      If the project involves tanks: storage tank emission calculations or output files from approved calculation software
      Vendor data (if used for emission factors)
      If using baseline emissions in the federal applicability determination, attach a printout from Emissions Inventory showing the baseline emission years for the units in the project.
  • Pay the applicable permit application fee (amount is determined in the workbook).
  • Submit the completed application electronically through STEERS.
  • Submit all required attachments electronically through STEERS, email, or TCEQ FTPS following the instructions in the workbook.
  • Follow the instructions in the workbook for submitting copies of the application materials to other locations.

Questions? We Can Help

If you have questions about applying for this Readily Available Permit, please contact us.