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Air Pollutant Watch List

The purpose of the Air Pollutant Watch List is to alert technical staff to cities or counties within the state that have areas with elevated air concentrations of special interest pollutants.

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APWL Map County City TCEQ Region Year Added Pollutant of Interest Area Boundaries Supporting Documentation
application/pdfAPWL0501 Bowie
N/A 5 1999 application/pdfhydrogen sulfideExit the TCEQ North of FM 74/249 E
South of Highway 151/245
East of Highway 59
West of TX/LA/AR state line
application/pdfAPWL0601 El Paso El Paso 6 2004 application/pdfhydrogen sulfideExit the TCEQ North of Highway 375
South of Yarbrough
East of IH-10
West of Border Highway / Plant Road
application/pdfAPWL1001 Jasper Evadale 10 2003 application/pdfhydrogen sulfideExit the TCEQ South of FM-2246
East of FM-105
application/pdfAPWL1201 Brazoria Freeport 12 2005 application/pdfarsenicExit the TCEQ
application/pdfcobaltExit the TCEQ
application/pdfnickelExit the TCEQ
application/pdfvanadiumExit the TCEQ
North of Highway 36/Highway 288/Old Quintana Road
(extended to Gulf of Mexico)
of Highway 332 of TX Avenue/Highway 1765
East of Brazos River
West of the Gulf of Mexico)