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About the Air Pollutant Watch List

The Air Pollutant Watch List alerts technical personnel to cities and counties within the state that have areas with elevated concentrations of air pollutants.

What Pollutants/Areas Of Texas Are Under Watch?
Recommend an Area be Added to or Removed from the APWL

You may recommend that specific pollutants and locations be evaluated for addition to or removal from the APWL by sending an email to the APWL Coordinator at Requests should include a description of the location, the pollutant of concern, any supporting information, and your contact information. The TCEQ carefully investigates every recommendation, and you may view past recommendations for addition to (or removal from) the APWL that were not adopted.

For assistance regarding environmental complaints, visit the TCEQ Complaints Reporting Web site.

Contact the TCEQ About the APWL

For further information, contact TCEQ's APWL Coordinator toll-free at 1-877-992-8370 or local at (512)239-1795 or via email at

Sign Up to Receive APWL Announcements

To receive free updates by email or text regarding the APWL, visit the TCEQ’s subscription pageExit the TCEQ and check the box for “Air Pollutant Watch List” under the Air Quality heading.