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Toxicity Factor Database Moves into TAMIS Database

The Toxicity Factor Database is now a part of Texas Air Monitoring Information System (TAMIS) database. This database is a one-stop-shop for information about all toxicity factors developed by the TCEQ. If you previously used Excel spreadsheets to access the toxicity factors, you will now access them via the TAMIS database.
Toxicity Factor Database User Guide:

The TAMIS database includes not only Effects Screening Levels (ESLs), but also Air Monitoring Comparison Values (AMCVs) and their supporting documentation. The TCEQ created the database in order to reduce errors, improve database structure, provide more information and detail to our customers, and allow more dynamic and efficient data entry.

As a result of this change, the TCEQ will no longer publish AMCV or ESL lists. Because data will be dynamically entered or changed, updates to values take place immediately rather than quarterly.

You can search the database for substances in several ways. Supporting documentation is linked in reports from the database, or may be obtained by running the Tox Document Report. The following is a list of available reports:

Tox AMCV Report – Run this report to create a list similar to previously published AMCV lists

Tox Document Report – Run this report to download documents associated with a single substance

Tox ESL-Detail Report – Run this report to create a list of the ESLs used in air permitting as well as other ESLs (if available)

Tox ESL-Summary Report – Run this report to create a list most similar to previously published ESL lists (it will only list the ESLs used in air permitting)

Special Notations for the Toxicity Factor Database ESLs

This interoffice memorandum provides important information (notations and exceptions) to users on use of ESLs in air permitting. Exceptions provided in the document include how to evaluate a compound designated with PM, as well as exceptions to the 1-hr averaging period. This memorandum was previously provided with the ESL Published Lists under the Cover Memo tab. With the new Toxicity Factor Database, this memorandum will now be housed here for reference.

Transitioning from Excel spreadsheets to TAMIS

The database is fully launched, data are dynamically updated in the database and there are no longer ESL and AMCV Published Lists.

Old Published ESL Lists will remain available on the TCEQ Toxicology website for historical purposes.

Access the Toxicity Factor Database