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Training and Presentation Materials on Air Permitting

On-line training and presentation materials that may be useful for those interested in learning more about air permitting in Texas.


  • Air Permitting 101
  • On-line training course including five modules covering the organization and basic functions of the Air Permits Division.

  • EPA Training Resources
  • The Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Pollution Training Institute (APTI) offers several on-line self-study modules regarding fundamental engineering principals and concepts used in air permitting. The APTI Learning Management System (LMS) can be found at http://www.apti-learn.net/.

  • Air Permitting Acronyms and Other Abbreviations
  • A list of acronyms frequently used in Texas air permitting.


Air Permits Division presentation materials from the most recent Environmental Trade Fair and Advanced Air Permitting Seminar. The information contained in these presentations is subject to change without notice.

Slide shows and any other pertinent information presented at the Autumn Environmental Conference and Expo held October 9-10, 2018 in Austin, Texas.