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Municipal Liquid Waste Transfer

Requirements for operating a liquid waste transfer facility. Links to relevant forms and guidance.


Anyone who plans to operate a municipal liquid waste transfer facility must obtain an authorization from the TCEQ. A municipal liquid waste transfer facility is a municipal solid waste (MSW) Type V processing facility that is used only in the transfer of grease trap waste, grit trap waste, septage, or other similar liquid waste. Except for temporary storage, facilities that will receive 32,000 gallons per day or less must obtain a registration under Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC), Chapter 330, Section (§)330.9(o) Exit the TCEQ. Facilities that will receive more than 32,000 gallons per day must apply for a permit under §330.7 Exit the TCEQ.

Temporary Storage

A temporary storage facility that stores 8,000 gallons or less for a period of four days or less in containers must notify in accordance with 30 TAC §330.11(e)(5). Such a facility is not required to follow the requirements of Chapter 330, Subchapter E.

Applying for an Authorization

To apply for a registration or permit for a municipal liquid waste transfer facility: