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General Permit Requirements for Water Discharge from Aquaculture

Requirements for obtaining coverage under General Permit TXG130000 for the discharge of wastewater from an aquaculture facility. Links to the general permit, relevant forms, and instructions.

Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) General Permit No. TXG130000 was renewed and issued on April 18, 2011. A copy of the issued general permitAdobe Acrobat PDF Document, supporting fact sheet and Executive Director's preliminary decisionAdobe Acrobat PDF Document and response to commentsAdobe Acrobat PDF Document are available for you review. (Help with PDF.)

Please review the permit to determine if it applies to your facility. If yes, submit a Notice of IntentAdobe Acrobat PDF Document (with instructions) (NOI) and application fee to the address provided on the NOI.

After obtaining coverage under this permit, you will need to do the following:

  • Adhere to the requirements of the general permit (TXG130000)Adobe Acrobat PDF Document.

  • Complete and submit the Discharge Monitoring Report Form (3320-1), as required.

  • If the owner or operator changes, the present owner and operator must submit a Notice of TerminationAdobe Acrobat PDF Document (NOT) and the new owner and operator must submit an NOI.

  • If the discharge becomes unnecessary, is delayed or is completed, the permittee may voluntarily terminate coverage by submitting an NOT.

The permit is in effect until the NOT is submitted. Fees will accrue annually on September 1.

Even if the general permit described above applies to your situation, you may request coverage under an individual permit (HTML).

Contact us if you have questions.