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Document Download Page for ASARCO, El Paso, Texas

Documents relating to the ASARCO site in El Paso, Texas are located on this page for download.
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Asarco Main Page
Site background for the American Refining and Smelting Company (ASARCO).
Media of Concern
Details about Soil, Groundwater, and Surface Water contamination.
Corrective Action
Compliance with the Correction Action Directive of 2005.
Groundwater and Surface Water Sampling
Sampling information and results.
Information regarding the ASARCO bankruptcy and settlement agreement.
Custodial Trustee
The latest information concerning the environmental custodial trustee of the ASARCO site.
Document Downloads
Download ASARCO related documents.
Email updates
Sign up to receive e-mails when information is updated to the TCEQ's ASARCO web site.

Many of these documents are also available for viewing at both of these locations:

  • TCEQ Region 6 office (El Paso)
    401 E. Franklin Ave., Ste. 560
    El Paso, TX 79901
    Phone: 915-834-4949
  • TCEQ Records Management Center
    12100 Park 35 Circle - Building E
    Austin TX 78753
    Phone: 512-239-2920


Remedial Investigation Documents

Because these are large files, your browser might not be able to open them from our site. We recommend that you download each file that you need and then open that copy from your own computer.

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Phase IV

Expert Reports

Responses to Public Comment Regarding Bankruptcy Settlement

Reports and Data

Legal Documents


Required use of SW-846 Method 5035

New Information

Beginning January 1, 2016, the TCEQ Remediation Division will require the use of United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) SW846 Method 5035A, Purge-and-Trap and Extraction for Volatile Organics in Soil and Waste Samples, as amended, for the collection and preparation of solid samples for volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis using purge-and-trap technology.

The TCEQ Remediation Division guidance on Method 5035 has been updated and is available.