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Scrap Tires: Disposal, Regulation, Registration, Dumps, Abandoned Sites

Information for homeowners and professionals alike.


What kinds of facilities accept scrap tires?

Several end-use facilities are authorized to receive used or scrap tires in Texas, including scrap-tire processors and energy-recovery facilities, transportation facilities, land-reclamation projects using tires, and tire-storage sites. Scrap tires that have been split, quartered, or shredded by an authorized processing facility can be sent to a permitted landfill. Additional information on authorized end use facilities can be found online at the home page of the Scrap Tire Management Program. Local governments may seek other resources for managing scrap tires under the Municipal Solid Waste program.

I’m a homeowner in Texas. Where can I get rid of my household tires?

If you are in an incorporated area, you may be able to dispose of your own used or scrap tires at your local landfill. Landfills will usually allow a resident to dispose of a number of tires per year without charging an extra fee; however, subsequent tires can incur a fee for disposal. If you have numerous tires, a registered and reputable scrap-tire dealer can serve you.

How do I find a transporter that picks up tires in my area?

All registered transporters should be listed in the TCEQ tire registration database. Log on to check on the registration status of a company before you do business with it.

Dumps and Abandoned Sites

I would like to know about a tire dump in my area. Who do I contact?

Please contact your local city or county authorities with jurisdiction over the site to determine if the site is being properly managed.

Someone has dumped tires on my property (or someone else’s property) without permission. Who do I need to tell?

If you would like to file a complaint about illegally dumped used or scrap tires, you can contact city or county authorities with jurisdiction over the site or you can report the environmental problem to the TCEQ online.

How many abandoned tire sites currently exist in Texas? Is there a list of these sites?

There are still abandoned tire sites in Texas that are tracked by the TCEQ tire program’s database.


Where can I find state requirements about scrap tires?

Requirements (statutes and rules) for the management of used or scrap tires can be found online in Texas Health and Safety Code 361.112 and 361.1125 Exit the TCEQ and 30 TAC 328, Subchapter F. Exit the TCEQ


How do I register to transport, process, recycle, store, or manage scrap tires in Texas?

For information, please visit the home page of the Scrap Tire Management Program, or contact us by telephone at (512) 239-2515 or by email to

How long does it take to get registered as a transporter and how long before I can take tires?

An applicant who provides a complete application to the TCEQ should expect to receive authorization for registration for a generator or transporter within 15 days. For scrap-tire facilities, agency review of information and coordination take 30 to 60 days. Storage sites and land-reclamation projects using tires take longer since they require public comment.

I am storing fewer than 500 tires on the ground on my property. Do I need to register with the TCEQ?

No. A person storing fewer than 500 used or scrap tires on the ground is not required to obtain registration from the TCEQ. However, the tires must be managed appropriately to ensure the protection of human health and safety of the environment.

How do I know that the company picking up my tires is registered?

The TCEQ recommends you access the tire registration database to ensure that the company is authorized to manage used or scrap tires in Texas before you do business with it.


Where can I get information on filing my annual activity report?

Transporters and scrap-tire facilities and storage sites must file an annual report. More information is available online at the home page of the Scrap Tire Management Program.


Where do I get a grant to run my tire business?

No grants are available from the TCEQ for tire businesses. The U.S. Small Business Administration or your local Chamber of Commerce may have suggestions on where to find assistance.