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Scrap Tire Resources for Communities, Local Governments, and Businesses

A collection of educational resources for scrap tire handlers and local governments on the proper management and disposal of scrap tires. Opportunities for businesses to clean unauthorized tire sites and repurpose scrap tires. Virtual events, flyers, and more.

Scrap Tire Management Five-Year Plan

TCEQ published a Scrap Tire Management Five-Year Plan Adobe Acrobat PDF Document in February 2020. The plan:

  • outlines strategies for proper handling, storage, use, and disposal of scrap tires;
  • identifies challenges for scrap tire management; and
  • establishes goals to improve scrap tire management in Texas.

Annual Report Summaries contain updates on activities related to the plan.


Scrap Tire Webinar May 12, 2021

TCEQ co-hosted a second virtual workshop with the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association on May 12, 2021. This workshop included speakers from the scrap tire industry and discussed current scrap tire markets in Texas. Read a summary of the May 2021 Scrap Tire Workshop

Scrap Tire Webinar October 22, 2020

The TCEQ Scrap Tire Program collaborated with the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association to host a first-of-its-kind virtual scrap tire workshop on October 22, 2020. Read a summary of the 2020 Scrap Tire Webinar Adobe Acrobat PDF Document.

Cleaning Unauthorized Tire Sites and Repurposing Tires

Are you interested in cleaning up an unauthorized tire site or using the tires as a resource for your business? There are over 100 unauthorized scrap tire sites across the state. These sites range in size from a few thousand to a few million scrap tires. For your convenience, TCEQ maintains a list of unauthorized scrap tire sites Adobe Acrobat PDF Document in Texas.

Using Scrap Tires as Non-Waste Fuel

Discarded scrap tires across the state now have an opportunity to be used as tire-derived fuel at cement kilns.
In 2019, EPA provided a letter clarifying the Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials rule Adobe Acrobat PDF Document and steps to process discarded scrap tires into non-waste fuel for cement kilns. 

Resources for Local Governments

TCEQ developed regulatory guidance flyers that local governments can use to communicate with scrap tire generators and transporters in their area. Download and share these flyers with members of your community.

Managing Scrap Tires in the Border Region

Read about the challenges and concerns of managing scrap tires in the border area and find links to state and federal resources.

Contact Us

Please contact the Scrap Tire Program if you have questions about managing used or scrap tires.

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