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Tire Manifest

A tire manifest is a tracking mechanism to monitor the transfer of tires from the point of generation to their end-use or final destination (for example; a tire storage site, scrap tire facility, permitted landfill, or land reclamation project using tires). The manifest is a five-part form whose format and content is prescribed by the TCEQ.


Who Needs to Use the Manifest

Use a manifest to track tires if you generate, transport, or operate an authorized scrap tire facility that accepts used or scrap tires, including a processor, recycler, tire-derived fuel user, storage site, land reclamation project, site, or authorized landfill.

Manifest Form

Use the following template’s format and content for the five-part manifest form. Contact an external provider to obtain copies of the form for your use.

Any changes to the prescribed template, customization, or alternate documentation must be approved by the TCEQ before use.

Using the Manifest

Generator: For each load of scrap tires removed from your property, complete and sign section 1 of the manifest by including the number and type of tires removed by a transporter. If self-transporting to an authorized facility, fill out the transporter section as well.

Transporter: When you pick up tires, complete section 2 of the manifest (or section 3, as appropriate) to document that you have accepted the stated number and types of tires. Leave a copy of the signed manifest with the generator as per the instruction in the form.

Authorized Scrap Tire Facility: Complete the appropriate section (Section 4 or 5) and provide information pertaining to your identification and registration and include the quantity of tires or tire pieces that you are transferring or accepting. Your authorized representative must sign the manifest to confirm the information.

If you are a storage facility, an end-user, or the final disposal facility, ensure that the top original of the five-part manifest is completely filled out and returned to the generator within 60 days from the date of collection from the generator.

Records Retention

Retain manifests, work orders, invoices, and any other original documentation for three years. All such records must be made available to the TCEQ upon request. Please do not send manifest copies to the TCEQ, unless requested.

Generators should notify the applicable TCEQ regional office if any transporter or authorized scrap tire facility fails to complete the manifest, alters the generator portion of the manifest, or does not return the manifest within three months after the off-site transportation.

Contact the Scrap Tire Program

Please contact the Scrap Tire Program if you have questions about used or scrap tire management.