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Pending Applications for Scrap Tire Registrations

Find information such as location and status of pending applications for scrap tire facilities, storage sites, and land reclamation projects using tires.

If you are affected by a scrap tire registration or a land reclamation project using tires (LRPUT) you may file a Motion to Overturn as stated under Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Section 50.139Exit the TCEQ.

Table of Pending Applications

Regulated Entity Name Customer Name Facility Address Registration Type Status Date of Action Motion to Overturn Deadline
AQ Tire Recycling AQ Tires Recycling, LLC.

4141 S Eden Rd Kennedale, TX 76060

Scrap Tire Facility: Processor Issued June 17, 2022 July 10, 2022
Black Can Recycling Corporation Richard Bertram

9218 Dawn Ave Wolfforth, TX 79382

Scrap Tire Facility: Processor Pending Pending Pending
Ecolomondo USA Ecolomondo USA, Inc.

16120 I-40
Shamrock, TX 79079

Scrap Tire Facility Pending Pending Pending
EE-TDF Cleveland LLC EE-TDF Cleveland, LLC.

1400 S Travis St
Cleveland, TX 77327

Scrap Tire Storage and Scrap Tire Facility Withdrawn June 9, 2022 July 2, 2022

Contact the Scrap Tire Program

Contact the Scrap Tire Program by mail, telephone, or email if you have questions or need more information about pending scrap tire registration applications.