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Projects of the TMDL Program

Projects to improve water quality in rivers, lakes, and bays of Texas by reducing pollution.
satellite photo of the Houston metropolitan area and Galveston Bay

Satellite Image of the Houston Metropolitan
Area and Galveston Bay

Photo courtesy of NASA

The TMDL Program works to restore Texas waterways that have limited quality in relation to one or more of their assigned uses, such as recreation, fishing, or a healthy aquatic environment. The latest Index of All Impaired Waters, part of the Texas Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality, shows all impaired waterways and the strategies that are planned or underway to improve their quality.

In addition to developing and working with stakeholder to implement them, the program manages studies that determine the best management strategies for specific waterways. Learn more about TMDLs and How They Are Implemented.

TMDLs & I-Plans

Uses Restored

Surveys and Assessments

Use attainability surveys and studies to assess the extent or nature of impairments. Listed in alphabetical order by waterway or region name.

Pending TMDLs

Inactive until conclusion of other activities, such as watershed protection plans (WPPs), Superfund remediation, or stakeholder discussions and decisions

All Projects

Both TMDLs and assessments, listed in alphabetical order by project name, which usually begins with a waterway or region name.

For More Information

Please send us an e-mail at or call 512-239-6682. Or join the TMDL News e-mail list.

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