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Status and Activities: Implementing the TMDL for Guadalupe River above Canyon Lake

What's going on and what's been done to reduce bacteria in the river segment and keep it safe for recreation.


Guadalupe River at Splitrock RoadLouise Hays ParkGuadalupe River at G Street

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County: Kerr
Parameter: Bacteria
River Basin: Guadalupe
Segment: 1806

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The Guadalupe River Implementation Plan documents measures stakeholders are using to reduce bacteria loads. The City of Kerrville, Kerr County, and the Texas Department of Transportation have committed to partner with UGRA to implement these measures.  Their strategy includes the following actions:

Bird deterrent structure over the Guadalupe River
Bird deterrent net under a bridge over the Guadalupe River
  • Modify the Highway 16 bridge to reduce wildlife nesting.
  • Reduce feeding of birds and manage the waterfowl population at Louise Hays and Kerrville-Schreiner parks.
  • Educate park users and install stations for proper disposal of pet waste.
  • Repair, replace, and inspect sewage lines and septic systems.

Management measures were selected based on feasibility, costs, support, and timing.

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Status Reports

Annual tracking of implementation allows stakeholders to evaluate actions taken, identify actions that may not be working, and make changes as necessary.

thumbnail map of Gilleland Creek watershed

Click map for information about monitoring stations, project sites, and educational initiatives Exit the TCEQ

Stakeholders are in the third year of implementing their plan. Pet waste stations throughout the City of Kerrville removed 285 pounds of pet waste in the fall of 2011. At Flat Rock Park alone, the UGRA usually collects 80-100 pounds of waste per month. Since November 2010, residents have kept more than 3,700 pounds of pet waste out of the river by using this collection station.


The TCEQ and EPA are supporting a project to implement parts of the I-Plan. The grant supports installation of structures that discourage nesting birds under highway bridges, manage waterfowl along the river, develop a septic system guide for homeowners, and collect water samples in the river. See the Construction Report: Bird Deterrent Netting, December 2012, for more details.

Updated Information Save the date for the Upper Guadalupe River Authority's 13th annual river cleanup Exit the TCEQ on Saturday, July 23, 2016. See more details and preregistration forms Exit the TCEQ on UGRA's website. This year, in addition to the cleanup, the UGRA is holding an art contest for all Kerr county students grades K-12 to design the 2016 River Cleanup t-shirt. Visit the annual cleanup Web page Exit the TCEQ to learn more about the contest and the $100 prize for the winner.

Education and Outreach

Educational Kiosk

This interactive kiosk, featuring the water education program Water Down the Drain, was installed in January 2013 at the Riverside Nature Center. The program guides users through several activities that teach how pollution can be washed into waterways, the effects of nonpoint source pollution, and what can be done to prevent it. This kiosk will be rotated among other public venues in the community.

Grant Funded Projects to Support the I-Plan

The TCEQ's Nonpoint Source Program is supporting a project that implements some aspects of the I-Plan.

  • The Upper Guadalupe project implements controls of waterfowl and bird nesting under river bridges, as well as education about management of on-site septic systems.

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Please e-mail us at, and mention the Guadalupe River bacteria project in the subject line. Or call us at 512-239-6682.

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