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Top Subjects of Interest: Reusing Graywater or Reclaimed Water

Definitions, requirements, rules, and beneficial re-uses for graywater and reclaimed water.


Graywater is defined as wastewater from clothes-washing machines, showers, bathtubs, hand-washing lavatories, and sinks that are used for disposal of household or domestic products.

It does not include wastewater that has come in contact with toilet waste; or from the washing of material, including diapers, soiled with human excreta; or from sinks used for food preparation or disposal. Graywater can be used for irrigation or other beneficial uses.

  • Beneficial Re-Use of Graywater
    Definition for and beneficial re-uses of graywater and alternative on-site water from private residences, and commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural facilities.
  • A Guide for Homeowners Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
    This regulatory guidance provides an overview of the requirements for the use of graywater and alternative on-site water by owners of private residences.

Reclaimed water

Reclaimed water is defined as domestic or municipal wastewater which has been treated to a quality suitable for a beneficial use, pursuant to the provisions of Title 30 of the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 210 and other applicable rules and permits. Just as with graywater, reclaimed water can be used for irrigation or other beneficial uses.