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Top Subjects of Interest: Flood Control

The TCEQ works with partners in creating districts where requested, and in providing emergency response to floods and other disasters.

Planning and Districts

  • US Army Corps of Engineers Flood Risk Management Program  
    Reduce overall flood risk through the appropriate use of structures like levees and floodwalls, and incorporating alternatives such as land acquisition and flood proofing.
  • Harris County Flood Control District  
    The Legislature created special districts such as this one to plan for flood mitigation.
  • Water District Database (WDD)
    To learn if a district has flood control powers, search the WDD by district function type. While the TCEQ has a continuing right of supervision over districts, the extent is limited and does not include regulating their daily operations. For more information about your district please contact its board of directors.
  • Texas Flood Maps  
    FEMA’s flood maps show the public how a home or community may be at risk for flood hazards.

Funding Sources


  • TCEQ Dam Safety Workshops
    Individual dam owners and operators can attend these free workshops to learn about dam safety regulations, operations, maintenance, and inspection, and how to develop and implement emergency action plans.
  • Texas Division of Emergency Management  
    Free 20-hour course in planning, preparing, and managing the response to flooding.