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TxVEMP Reports and Publications

Reports to the Trustee and how to obtain copies of grant documents.

An important element of this program is to ensure transparency in how the VW mitigation funds are being used. This page will include instructions for accessing copies of all reports sent to the trustee and information about the grants awarded under the program. Instructions on how to request copies of grant documents are also provided below.

Reports to the Trustee

Under the Trust Agreement, the TCEQ is to provide semi-annual reports to the Trustee on the status of projects funded under the VW program. Copies of TCEQ's reports to the Trustee can be accessed using the link below.

Grant Summaries

As the grant programs are implemented, summaries of the grant awards and payments are made available on individual grant pages.

How to Obtain Copies of Grant Documents

The TCEQ will provide the public access to grant applications, contracts, and payment documents, subject to state confidentiality regulations and requirements. Once the grant programs are implemented, the public may request copies of specific grant documents through the TCEQ's Open Records Request system.

Instructions for submitting a request are provided at the TCEQ's Open Records Request web page.

If you have trouble accessing the system, please contact the TCEQ's VW staff toll free at 833-215-TXVW (8989).