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Grants for Alternative Fueling Facilities

Facilities that provide alternative fuel in select counties may be eligible for a grant through the Alternative Fueling Facilities Program. See below for details about eligibility and how to apply.

Currently Closed

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How to Apply

Step 1 Determine if you are eligible

Eligible applicants

Individuals, state and local governments, corporations, or any other legal entity.

Eligible projects

Eligible alternative fuel types for projects include: compressed natural gas, liquified natural gas, or a combination of the two; hydrogen; biodiesel; biodiesel blends; propane; electricity; and methanol (at least 85% by volume).

  • Biodiesel and biodiesel blends must meet the criteria in the Request for Grant Applications.
  • Eligible projects must include the construction or reconstruction of an alternative fueling facility.
  • Facilities that are open to the public will be considered for funding before private ones.

Eligible areas

Review documents to ensure eligibility:

Step 2 Collect documents and fill out forms

  • IRS Form W-9
  • Site plan for your proposed facility
    • Example Site Plan
    • An acceptable site plan consists of a scaled map that indicates the location of amenities within a ¼ mile radius around the proposed site, and public access points to the site.

Step 3 Submit your application


Submit to Only one application per email at a maximum file size of 25MB. Please note: submitting your application by standard email is not secure. To send your application securely, see “Secure Site” below.

Secure Site

Submit securely by uploading the file to our FTPS site and selecting the share file(s) button. Enter "" as the email address. Please note: applications uploaded to the FTPS site without completing the share file(s) step will not be considered as submitted.

Regular Mail

Air Grants Division, MC-204 (AFFP)
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

Express Mail

Air Grants Division, MC-204 (AFFP)
12100 Park 35 Circle
Building F, 1st Floor, Suite 1301
Austin, TX 78753

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