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Adding Vehicles or Conversion Systems to the Eligible Vehicles List

Resources for manufacturers to include their vehicles or conversion systems powered by alternative fuel in TCEQ’s Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program.

How to Include a
Vehicle or Conversion System

Manufacturers must submit information request forms to add their vehicles or conversion systems to the Eligible Vehicles List.

Individuals, businesses, or agencies looking for grants for a new vehicle or conversion system should check the Grants for Alternative Fuel Vehicles page.

vehicle engine

Step 1
Review vehicle eligibility criteria

Read the instructions below for vehicle eligibility criteria and how to submit the vehicle information request forms.

To submit these forms, an entity must be listed as the manufacturer on the U.S. EPA Certificate of Conformity or the California Air Resources Board Executive Order.

pen filling out a form

Step 2
Collect and fill out forms and documents

Use the instructions to complete the Information Request Forms below.

Complete the Information Request Forms electronically and sign where indicated.

documents in an envelope

Step 3
Submit your forms and documents

You may submit forms for multiple models together.

Regular Mail

Air Grants Division
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

Express Mail

Air Grants Division
12100 Park 35 Circle
Building F, 1st Floor, Suite 1301
Austin, TX 78753

Check the Status of Your Listing

If you have submitted forms to include a vehicle or conversion system and don't see it on the Eligible Vehicles List, please contact us.


800-919-TERP (8377)