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Grants for Drayage Trucks and Cargo Handling Equipment

The Seaport and Rail Yard Areas Emissions Reduction Program (SPRY) provides grants for upgrading or replacing older drayage and container handling equipment. See below for details about eligibility and how to apply.

Now Accepting Applications

We are accepting applications for grants through March 4, 2025.

This is a first come, first-served program based on criteria outlined in the Request for Grant Applications.

Application Status Report

How to Apply

Step 1 Determine if you are eligible

Eligible applicants

  • Individuals, corporations, organizations, governments, government agencies, and any other legal entity. May include a corporation headquartered outside of Texas that operates eligible equipment in Texas.

Eligible projects

  • Replacing or repowering drayage trucks and cargo handling equipment with newer ones.
  • New vehicles and equipment must emit nitrogen oxides (NOX) at a rate that is at least 25% less than the vehicles or equipment being replaced.
  • Applicants must have owned or leased eligible vehicles and equipment for at least the two years preceding the signature date on the application.

Eligible areas

  • Eligible Seaports and Rail Yards
  • Seaports or rail yards must be in an eligible county.
  • Equipment must operate in nonattainment areas or affected counties.
  • Old vehicles and equipment must have operated in eligible seaports or rail yards for at least 200 days per year for the preceding two years.
  • New or repowered vehicles and equipment must operate 200 days per year in eligible seaports or rail yards for the duration of the project (five years). In addition, 50% or 80% of the annual and total use must occur in nonattainment areas and affected counties.

Review documents to ensure eligibility

Step 2 Estimate your maximum grant amount

Grant recipients may be eligible for up to 80% of the eligible costs associated with the purchase, lease, or repower of the equipment. Grant cannot exceed the maximum amount listed in the Maximum Eligible Grant Amount Tables.

Maximum Eligible Grant Amount Tables

Download the table applicable to your project.

If the tables below do not include the vehicle or piece of equipment you want to apply for, please contact us at 800-919-TERP (8377).


Step 3 Collect documents and fill out forms

Step 4 Submit your application

Secure Site

Submit securely by uploading the file to our FTPS site and selecting the share file(s) button. Enter "" as the email address. Note: applications uploaded without completing the share file(s) step will not be considered as submitted.

Regular Mail

Air Grants Division, MC-204 (SPRY)
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

Express Mail

Air Grants Division, MC-204 (SPRY)
12100 Park 35 Circle
Building F, 1st Floor, Suite 1301
Austin, TX 78753

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