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Light-Duty Grant Estimator for the Texas Clean Fleet Program (TCFP)

Estimate your potential grant amount and discover how competitive your grant application might be.

How to Use This Grant Estimator

Use the estimator to determine the cost per ton and emissions reductions for each light-duty, on-road vehicle you would like to replace. See the example below to calculate the cost per ton for multiple vehicles.

Values provided via this tool are estimates based solely on the information you have provided. Final emissions reductions and cost per ton calculations will be computed by TERP staff for your vehicles that meet the eligibility criteria for TCFP.

Should you have a vehicle replacement scenario this estimator does not address, please email

Example for Multiple Vehicles

You have three, 2008 gasoline, light-duty vehicles and are requesting $20,000, $25,000 and $20,000 to replace them with electric equivalents. This will reduce the NOx emissions by 0.0022 tons per car. Divide your total requested grant amount of $65,000 by your total NOx emissions reductions of 0.0066 tons. This results in a cost per ton of $9,848,484.85.

More Information on Eligibility and Cost Per Ton

Refer to Section 2.0 of the Request for Grant Applications (RFGA) for additional details about vehicle eligibility criteria.

See the TCFP Technical Supplement for details about how emissions reductions and cost per ton are calculated, or to complete the calculations yourself.

Your Estimated Cost Per Ton

Emission Standard for your old vehicle:    g/bhp-hr

Emission Standard for your new vehicle:    g/bhp-hr

Standard Annual Usage:    miles

Total NOx Reductions:    tons

Cost per Ton:   



Your Vehicle Type

Old vehicles must be replaced with a new vehicle of the same weight classification and used in the same application or vocation as the vehicle being replaced.

Your Old Vehicle

This estimator will use the standard emission rate, when available, for your old and new vehicle unless you enter a Family Emissions Limit. Please see the Technical Supplement for the Texas Clean Fleet Program to find your FEL, many vehicles do not have one. Contact with questions about FELs.

Your New Vehicle

Your Time in Eligible Areas


The length for all TCFP contracts is five years.

Each qualifying vehicle must be operated at least 25% of its total annual mileage in the eligible counties of the Clean Transportation Zone (CTZ).

Your Requested Grant Amount

Please refer to Section 1.2 of the RFGA for a list of eligible costs. You may request up to 80% of the total eligible costs to purchase the new vehicle. As a reminder, the less money your request, the lower your cost per ton will be, making your application more competitive.