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2023-02-02 Formosa Plastics Corporation 140763 et al. PM

Proposed amendment to State Air Quality Permits 140763, 19871, 91780, 19200, 19168, 107518, 20203, 40157, and 19201, modification to Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Air Quality Permits PSDTX1500M1, PSDTX1236M1, PSDTX1240M1, PSDTX1237M1, PSDTX1226M1, PSDTX1383M2, PSDTX1224M1, PSDTX1222M1, and PSDTX1232M1, modification to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) PSD Air Quality Permits GHGPSDTX46M1 and GHGPSDTX48M1 for emissions of GHGs, and issuance of GHG PSD Air Quality Permits GHGPSDTX221, GHGPSDTX223, GHGPSDTX218, GHGPSDTX224, GHGPSDTX222, GHGPSDTX225, and GHGPSDTX219 for emissions of GHGs, which would authorize modification to the Formosa Point Comfort Plant located at 201 Formosa Drive, Point Comfort, Calhoun County, Texas 77978.