Gasoline Vapor Recovery

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Vapor Recovery Test Procedures Handbook (RG-399)

Efficient operation of vapor recovery systems is critical to the improvement of air quality across the state. This Handbook outlines procedures which must be followed in order to ensure accurate and consistent test results

TCEQ 10501

Stage II Vapor Recovery Pre-Test Notification

TCEQ 10503

(TXP-101)—Vapor Space Manifolding Test Report and Facility Layout Form

TCEQ 10505

(TXP-102)—Pressure Gauge Calibration Form

TCEQ 10506

(TXP-103-1)—Dynamic Back-Pressure Data: Nozzle Method

TCEQ 10507

(TXP-103-2)—Dynamic Back-Pressure Data: Vapor Piping Method

TCEQ 10508

(TXP-104)—Gasoline Flow Rate Performance Data

TCEQ 10509

(TXP-105)—Liquid Removal Device Performance Data

TCEQ 10510

(TXP-106-1)—Vapor to Liquid Ratio Data (Also used to report A/L data from CARB TP-201.5)

TCEQ 10511

(TXP-106-2)—Air to Liquid Ratio Data for Hasstech Testing Equipment

TCEQ 10512

(TXP-107)—Determination of Healy Booted Nozzle Operation

Stage Two (II) Vapor Recovery Tester Registration

The purpose of this form is to establish a Stage II vapor recovery tester registry in accordance with 30 TAC §115.245(5). Individuals who wish to be a registered Stage II vapor recovery tester in the state of Texas should complete and submit a copy of this form with an original signature to the following address: TCEQ, Stage II Tester Registry, Air Quality Planning Section, MC-206, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087.