Point Source Emissions Inventory

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Downloads folder for PSEI guidance documents

GI-419: Visible Flames on Industrial Flares

Intended especially for people living near facilities with industrial flares, this document is meant to inform the general public that a flare with a bright flame is operating properly and is achieving the desired control efficiency.

RG-529: Emissions Inventory (EI) Web Reporting

Intended for the company contacts responsible for submitting annual Emissions Inventories to the TCEQ, this brochure encourages them to submit the EIQs through the Web rather than on paper by describing the online process and its benefits.

RY2014-RY2020 State Sum

This file contains the reporting totals for all accounts included in the Point Source Annual Emissions Inventory for reporting years 2014 through 2020.

2021 EI Status

Excel file containing all CY2021 Emissions Inventory accounts