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For Companies in Violation of Rule 116.110 Over Thirty Days

Company Name:                                                
Account Number:                                              

Facility type:                                               
Unit in violation:                                           

Contact Person:                                              
Investigation Date:                            NOV Date:     


The company must meet with a Texas Natural Resource
Conservation Commission - Air permit engineer in Austin to
discuss a permit application within 30 days of the NOV
(by___________________).  This form must be signed and dated
by the permit engineer to confirm this meeting.  This
requirement may be waived if the company meets the
conditions for a Small Business Minor Source order.

The company must submit a PI-1 permit application form, with
appropriate supporting documents, within 60 days of the NOV
(by__________________).  A signed copy of this form must be
attached to the PI-1.

The company must provide all information required for a
complete permit review and have operational the best available
control technology within 180 days of the NOV

If any of these requirements are not met by the date
specified, this case may be forwarded with a recommendation
for initiation of legal action through the Texas Attorney
General's Office or additional administrative penalties may be

                       PRE-PERMIT CERTIFICATION

I hereby certify that the subject company met with me this
date to discuss a permit application for the facility in

Permit Engineer Signature ___________________Date__________

Engineer: Make three (3) copies of this form and forward the
original to the Compliance Section

cc:  Regional Office
     Permit Engineer
     Company                                        1/1/94