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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
         Austin                       Texas

To:  Permits Program
From:  Lawrence Pewitt, P.E., Director, Permits Program
Date:  July 2, 1993
Subject:  Alternate Language Public Notice

Section 15 of H.B. 2049 passed by the legislature this year
and signed by the Governor on June 9, 1993 requires public
notice for permits and renewals to include a public notice in
an alternate language as well as english if the elementary
school or middle school nearest to the facility or proposed
facility provides a bilingual education program as required by
Section 21.109, Education Code and Section 19 TAC Subsection
89.2 (a).  The public notice will be published in an
additional publication of general circulation in the
municipality or county in which the facility is located or
proposed to be located that is published in the language
taught in the bilingual education program.  The requirement is
waived if such a publication does not exist or if the
publisher refuses to publish the notice.

Procedures for accomplishment of this new public notice
requirement will shortly be developed and a date to initiate
the new public notice procedures will be selected.  Until that
time, proceed with the usual public notice procedures.

cc:  Mr. Jim Braddock, Director, Legal Division
     Deputy Directors 
     Regional Directors